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Failing to sell your higher priced products?

If your publication or event has higher-priced ‘premium’ or ‘full access’ packages, you may be struggling to convince your leads to take the plunge and upgrade. Our telesales teams are highly skilled in this area – in some cases we are brought in to do this specifically, both in subscription sales and delegate acquisition.

These upsell opportunities cost more because they are designed to benefit your customer – whether that be to save them time, provide them with deeper insight or put them in front of key industry players. Budget goes out the window when your prospects see the added value that your product will supply. You know why they should upgrade, but merely describing the benefits may fall on deaf ears – you need to explain the practical applications.

Let’s take a full access event package for example – mentioning the names of companies already registered to attend the additional area, day or networking event will likely inspire your lead to do the same – they will picture the opportunity for business deals with consumers, partnerships with suppliers and company representation against their competitors.

Similarly, if your publication can provide them with industry insight and analysis, save them time or benefit their brand awareness and their competitors are already engaged and one step ahead of them, they will be encouraged to ‘join the movement’ and close the sale as soon as possible.

More big tickets sales equal higher revenue - reach out now to see how we can help you sell your higher-priced packages; in house or through Alliance. 

Alliance Sales Support Services
Alliance Sales Support Services

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