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Alliance run experienced, productive telesales teams specifically aimed at the B2B event and publishing industry. Focusing on delegate acquisition, subscriptions, sponsorship, exhibition, advertising and awards sales, the sales executives take a tailored approach to your campaign; aiming to increase your sales, pipeline, improve cash flow and reduce your costs, thus improving your profit margin.

Delegate Acquisition

Our events team is made up of experienced, graduate-level individuals, well-versed in communicating with C-Suite personnel at internationally renowned organisations. Calling previous delegates at annual functions, they have built relationships with the prospects and their main aim is to increase delegation year on year. They also 'track and trace' the leads as they progress through the industry; finding their new places of work, and initiating a relationship with their replacements. 


Our subscriptions team work directly with industry-leading publishing teams to deliver their entire sales process; from renewal management, re-engaging historically lapsed accounts, up and cross-selling, key account building and new business prospecting. Their focus is on increasing the value of the sale each year and helping to develop a varied and robust subscriber-base. Their product knowledge, attention to detail and excellent customer service skills ensure a quality service and positive experience for your customers. 

SPEX, Advertising & Awards

Our SPEX, advertising and awards team understand that building a strong professional relationship with the prospect is key for ensuring that they are comfortable and engaged throughout the sales process. 

The customers' needs are valued and communicated, while keeping within the parameters of your specifications and aiming to develop the most mutually-beneficial partnership opportunity. 

Working alongside your sales representatives are in-house sales managers and trainers with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, monitoring progress and coaching the team. We speak your language and understand your target audiences.


We value professional communication and operate with complete transparency; providing weekly reports detailing all cash, costs, calls and feedback directly from your customers. Our telesales team are KPI and results driven - they are passionate about the brands they promote and take pride in their customer relations. 

Furthermore, we are typically 25% cheaper than in-house teams and alleviate you of the management headache, recruitment responsibility and training costs, along with the expense of sickness, vacation, bank holidays, etc. – you only pay for time worked.

Alternatively, we are able to work as an extension of your in-house team; handling overflow or specialised sales.

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